Hyundai i40 Sedan

Combining emotion, power, safety and comfort with fluidic modern styling, the i40 Sedan lets you express your individuality and follow your own road.

The i40 Sedan delivers exceptional fuel economy and reduced emissions without sacrificing power.


Express Your Individuality

Combining emotion, power, safety and comfort with fluidic modern styling, the i40 Sedan lets you express your individuality and follow your own road.

Travel First Class

Spacious and well-appointed, the i40 Sedan offers high levels of comfort to all occupants.

5 Star ANCAP Safety Rating

The i40 Sedan has achieved the highest occupant safety rating for a vehicle in Australia – 5-Star ANCAP.

Advanced Technology

The most cutting-edge technologies included to enhance your driving experience.

A Highly Efficient Performance

The i40 Sedan delivers exceptional fuel economy and reduced emissions without sacrificing power.


European Design

The flowing lines and sculpted curves that create the i40 Sedan's confident and sporty looks are based on Hyundai's 'Fluidic Sculpture' design language and developed by Hyundai's highly regarded European design team in Russelsheim, Germany.

Overseas model only.

Panoramic Sunroof with Unique Daylight Opening

The i40 sedan Premium model features a twin-panel full-length panoramic sunroof which floods the cabin with light, while a built-in retractable wind deflector helps reduce noise when travelling with the front panel open. A motorised blind provides UV protection and minimises heat build-up inside the cabin.

Advanced Lighting Technologies

The i40 Sedan's headlamps feature a range of advanced technologies to deliver superior illumination and safer driving.

A sculpted strip of LED daytime running lights create a striking and immediate impression, and are statistically proven to help reduce accidents. Automatic light control switches on the headlamps at dusk or when encountering low light levels, such as in tunnels and carparks. Static Bending Lights are additional cornering lamps activated by steering. These features are standard across all models.

The Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFLS) enhances night driving safety by swivelling the beam projection to the steering direction. The dynamic beam pattern is able to adapt to different road conditions. Xenon High Intensity Discharge Lamps (HID) are fitted for brighter and clearer illumination. These features are available on the Premium model.

*Premium model only

Electric Folding Outside Mirrors with LED Side Repeaters

Electric-folding outside mirrors make it easier to park in tight places. Their aerodynamically sculptured housing minimises wind noise, while integrated LED side repeaters (standard across all models) promote safer lane changes.

*Premium model only

Solar Glass and Rear Privacy Glass

The Premium and Elite models features solar glass to cut down on UV ray transmission and reduce thermal build-up, leading to a cooler cabin. Tinted rear glass enhances privacy.

*Premium model only

Alloy Wheels

The i40 sedan comes with a choice of stylish and strong wheel and tyre packages, dependent on the variant. Full size alloy spare wheels in the same style are standard inclusions.The Elite comes with 17" alloy wheels and 215/50 R17 tyres; and the Premium is equipped with 18" alloy wheels and 225/45 R18 tyres.


Touch Screen Multimedia System with Satellite Navigation^

The i40 sedan comes equipped with a comprehensive high-quality audio package as well as connectivity for iPod® and MP3 player devices. It also allows hands-free mobile phone use and enables direct streaming of music from any Bluetooth® compatible mobile phone or media device.

The Elite and Premium feature a 7" touch screen with ,satellite navigation, 4 speakers, 2 tweeters, amplifier and woofer. With roads, buildings, landmarks and other points of interest continually changing, it's important to have the most up to date maps. In our dedication to improving your driving and ownership experience, Hyundai has created a MapCare™ Plan for your navigation system.

The MapCare™ Plan provides you with complimentary map updates* for 3 years - provided your vehicle is serviced at a participating authorised Hyundai dealer, ensuring your navigation system operates at its peak performance. Map updates will be supplied annually at the completion of a Hyundai Scheduled Service by any participating authorised Hyundai dealer. *

^Premium and Elite models only
*NAVTEQ and MapCare™ are registered trademarks of Nokia Corporation. Maximum number of 2 updates, delivered on an annual cycle and must be consumed within 3 years of the vehicle's initial purchase. Free map updates only apply if the vehicle is serviced at an participating authorised Hyundai service centre.
Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Please check your Bluetooth device's capability to ensure compatibility. iPod® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Space and Practicality

The i40 Sedan's well-appointed interior is extremely spacious, offering outstanding levels of leg and shoulder room for all occupants. Similarly, the 505 litre (VDA) boot offers plenty of room for shopping, luggage, golf bags and all the gear that's needed when heading away for a few days. The 60:40 split folding rear seats allow for even more space for cargo to be created.

Elite model shown

Ultimate Seating Comfort

The Premium model features air ventilation technology whereby fans under the front seat cushions pump a gentle stream of cooling air. You can choose from three settings to optimise personal comfort. Front seat warmers also incorporate three step switches for adjusting heat intensity: high, low and medium settings; while the sports bucket seats are contoured to provide optimum support and cushioning.

Overseas model shown.

Telescopic Sterring Wheel

The easily adjustable tilt and telescopic reach steering wheel enhances driving ergonomics.

Overseas model shown

Proximity Smart Key & Push Button Start (Elite and Premium)

Proximity key technology enables you to lock and unlock your i40 Sedan without taking the key from your pocket or bag. Similarly, with push button start you can turn on the ignition without having to insert the key

Cruise Control with Speed Limiter

The auto cruise function makes long distance driving less strenuous and can be activated by using steering wheel-mounted controls. A gentle tap on the brake pedal will turn off the system. The driver can also set the speed limiter that will not allow the i40 Sedan to exceed that speed by pressing the accelerator. This can be over-ridden by depressing the accelerator to 100% input.

Overseas model shown.


Diesel Engine

The i40 Sedan is equipped with an all-new 1.7 litre 'U2' engine featuring smart common rail turbo Diesel technology. It delivers outstanding fuel economy and low emissions without compromising power and driving pleasure.

Exceptional Fuel Economy & Low Cost of Ownership

In addition to its aerodynamic design the i40 Sedan's powertrain combines with a range of leading-edge technologies to deliver lower fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. Similarly, advanced engineering techniques such as Hyundai's independently developed 6-speed transmission, which is lighter and features fewer moving parts lead to reduced maintenance costs, helping the i40 Sedan achieve a low overall cost of ownership.

Overseas model shown

Electric park brake and Auto Hold

The electric park brake eliminates the need for a parking brake lever or pedal and comes standard on the i40 Sedan. Operated by the push of a button it enhances safety and convenience, and auto-holds the vehicle stationary on any surface until the accelerator pedal is depressed.

Australian-Tuned Ride & Handling

The i40 Sedan features a new MacPherson strut front suspension setup that significantly reduces cornering lean and improves overall handling. A multi-link rear suspension setup is used to provide outstanding ride characteristics.

Amplitude Selective Dampers (ASD) are standard across all trim levels on the i40 Sedan. These suspension dampers provide a smooth comfortable ride under cruising conditions, whilst also ensuring superior vehicle dynamics under demanding driving conditions.

Extensive local tuning of the suspension has been carried out to optimise the suspension for Australian conditions.

Corner Braking Control

The i40 Sedan makes use of the new Cornering Brake Control (CBC) system, which provides side-to-side brake pressure proportioning using Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), resulting in optimised vehicle deceleration and stability whilst braking into a turn.


5* Ancap Safety Rating

The i40 Sedan incorporates such a high level of safety features that it has achieved the highest occupant safety rating for a vehicle in Australia – 5-Star ANCAP.

Active Safety

The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) enhances safety under emergency braking situations by preventing the i40 Sedan's brakes from locking up. It also distributes brake-force according to the vehicle's load. In an emergency manoeuvre, Electronic Stability Control (ESC) helps keep the i40 Sedan on track, while Hyundai's Traction Control System (TCS) monitors grip and reduces wheel spin to assist safe acceleration on slippery or uneven road surfaces.

The state-of-the-art Vehicle Stability Management (VSM) helps the driver maintain control of the vehicle by applying counter-steering assistance to guide the vehicle back into the correct steering direction. This innovative safety technology helps the i40 Sedan maintain the correct steering position in instances where the driver reacts too slowly or tries to steer in the incorrect direction while trying to maintain vehicle control. Hill-Start Assist Control prevents roll-back for as long as 2 seconds after the brake is applied on an incline.

When the Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) system on the i40 Sedan senses emergency braking, it automatically flashes the rear brake lights 3 times and activates the hazard lights until the vehicle starts moving again, providing a warning to any surrounding traffic.

Overseas model shown.

Passive Safety

In the event of an impact, the i40 Sedan provides comprehensive protection for all occupants by deploying up to nine airbags. These include driver and front passenger airbags, two side curtain airbags, four thorax airbags (for all outboard seating positions), plus a new airbag that offers protection to the driver's knees in the event of a serious frontal collision. Please note: parents are advised to ensure children do not rest their heads where the side (thorax) airbags are placed. This could result in injury in the event of an accident.

The i40 Sedan features three child seat anchor points providing flexibility of child seat location to enable the utilisation of the 60/40 split fold seats. All i40 Sedans' have a 'panic button' function on the remote key which is clearly marked in red. When the driver presses and holds the red panic 'horn' symbol the horn will sound. For the safety of pedestrians, the i40 Sedan adopted various anti-injury designs at its development stages. The vehicle's frontal structures are optimised to prevent potential head and leg injuries of pedestrians.

Overseas model shown.

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