Why Us

In 2012, Makin and Luby Hyundai were awarded the National and Regional Customer Service award for the highest level of satisfaction in both our Sales and Service departments.

This is the feedback our customers give to Hyundai about their experience with Makin and Luby. Our customers have voted us the best Hyundai dealership in Australia for Customer Satisfaction. We are very proud of our achievement and will continue to strive for excellence in providing only the best service experience to all our customers. At Makin and Luby we are 'makin' it easy'.

Hyundai's priority on quality has resulted in recognition globally for outstanding quality and reliability. This superior quality also enables Hyundai to have the utmost confidence in offering all customers an outstanding 5 Year Unlimited Kilometre Warranty.*

Hyundai is able to offer their impressive 5 Year Unlimited Kilometre Warranty because they:

  • Invest heavily in the research and development of their cars.
  • Use the highest quality materials and workmanship.
  • Run a vigorous testing process on new vehicles before they are delivered to the dealer.
  • Have an outstanding dealer network, which is committed to providing 'Expert Service' to Hyundai owners.
  • Are committed to establishing and maintaining an excellent relationship with Hyundai owners at the time of purchase and through regular vehicle maintenance.

Proud sponsors of the following organisations:

Melbourne Heart Family Day 2013

Relay For Life


Makin and Luby is a family owned and operated business, which was founded in 1951 by Perce Makin Snr. Perce's sons George and Perce Jnr then ran the family business for the next fifty seven years until Perce Jnr's retirement in 2008. Members of the third generation of the Makin family hold management positions in various departments of the Company today.

Makin & Luby has proudly represented the Hyundai brand since 1987, winning many awards for sales, service and customer satisfaction during that time. Our newly renovated showroom displays the complete and exciting new range of Hyundai vehicles.

The Makin & Luby experience. If they are happy why shouldn't you be?

Callum was stoked with this ix35 Special Edition. Great choice, Callum!

Roma Petter from Ivanhoe couldn't wait to drive off in her new Hyundai ix35!

Same Day Delivery! Adrian from Richmond signed for and picked up his car the same day!

Stephanie from Macloed was thrilled to drive off in her brand new Hyundai i30! Congratulations Steph!

Great car, great price, great service!!

Lives local and heard so much about the I30 ... great car

"I had a Hyundai Excel 1997 that I drove all around Australia and was so happy with the car. Thought I had to upgrade my car and bought a new i20 for another Australia trip. Very satisfied with customer service."

Customer was happy with Makin and Luby because we were fast and efficient.

"We bought our second Santa Fe and was happy with the fantastic customer service."

"Great Car! Really happy with the service."

Lives local and loves the new i30.

"I have been extremely happy with the service received from Makin and Luby. Fantastic cars at a great price."

"I have been delighted with the service and attention to detail provided by Makin and Luby. The purchase of my new Hyundai i20 was a seamless and most satisfactory task, not the daunting experience it can often be."

"Great service, we are very happy."

"I'm a previous Makin and Luby customer and still very happy with the service and the brand."

"I would like to thank Makin and Luby for their generosity. The car is fantastic - it has the genuine feel of a European car, looks great, is neatly designed and is extremely comfortable." ~ Vince Grella, Melbourne Heart FC

"Convenient and enjoyable... a pure pleasure!"

"Could not have asked for anthing better than what we received... as far as service, fairness etc. Our next car will be from here, too."

"Excellent and quick service. Tailored to our specific needs".

"Fantastic... very professional."

"Makin & Luby made our car hunting experience efficient and easy. Very good knowledge about their own products, but also the competitors. Our family has got a long service history with Makin & Luby...very trustworthy."

"Been 20yrs as Makin & Luby customers. Have bought 4 vehicles and were very happy with the services".

"Was recommended by a friend that bought her vehicle from Makin & Luby for their great services... Chose the i30 to be good better vehicle... We'll recommend family and friends. (Customer got a free hug - Ed)".

"Was very happy with the Sales Person (Zena) as she wasn't a pushy sales person."